Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!! Why start another blog?

It's a New Year! A new beginning. Well, for it's it's not quite so much a beginning for this project. We started this renovation project of a large historical building in Christiansted town in November of 2011.

It was an absolutely insane thing my husband and I did, but it has been such a learning process. Beyond the cliches that everything costs more and takes more time, we learned so much about materials, historical renovations, acid staining concrete, tiling, plumbing, electricity, water heaters, cisterns, gutters, shutters, paint, and the list goes on. The list goes on so much so that I wanted a space to start to not only document this particular renovation (I'm working on another one that you can check out here, but I also wanted a space to talk about what we plan on doing with the renovation, which is a seasonal/vacation rental, hence, the name of our blog. Currently, we use three sites to market our vacation rental:, and However, in none of those platforms is there a space for me to say:

 "Oh my, we met the coolest couple from Sweden this week and we took them for a walk of town and got caught in the rain and it was lovely!"

 "Oh no! we had a plumbing issue because I put paper towels in the toilet (bad) and we have very old copper pipes. BUT, we got it fixed in less than 4 hours and gave our guests a "token for their trouble" i.e. Cruzan Rum".

"I'm going to reupholster the dining room chairs, and check out the YouTube video I used to figure out how to do it."

"We just redid our staircases and they look nice, BUT, if I had the budget, here are some pictures of historic staircases that I would have loved to have done."

Yeah, there is no space to talk about those things in these advertising platforms.  And, I
wanted a space to talk about our rentals, what it's like do vacation rentals, and if you are a potential guest, to talk about my beloved St. Croix from a locals point of view and to give you an idea as to why our particular rental is so special.

So, I look forward to seeing where this process leads me.

Into 2014 with gusto!!!!

La Vaughn